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After my son's crash I called for help. We had spent 2 months in the hospital and lost our jobs. I found out the cut off for help is 12. Why not give to teens too?

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Gifts For Teens

Gifts For Teens is a pretty new organization. So, let us tell you a little about us and our mission.


(2012) We spent my 30th birthday taking food to feed over 300 people to New York. This was after Hurricane Sandy hit.

(2013) We helped a family of twins to provide a whole Christmas, dinner included. (2015) After the crash we didn't know what we were going to do for Christmas for the kids. I called places for help. But my kids were too old. The cut off is 12. We were lucky and people stepped in to help us. But my thought was 'kids age 13 and up don't deserve anything'? How is that fair?! (Nov 2017) With seeing my memories pop up I got thinking.

So that year (2017) I decided I would like to give at least one item to 5 boys and 5 girls over 13 years old. (Nov 2017) I was talking to friends about my plans. Amanda's daughter Lily became very interested in the mission. She helped out and earned her badge for Scouts. But, she earned more than that. As we (the 2 of us and many other volunteers) worked through the days her passion for this cause went way beyond a patch for Scouts. So, much so that she asked if she can help the following year. No badge involved. Just a kid with a big heart. With that being said, Lily became my official partner and will continue as such for as long as she wants.

(December 2018) With about 6 drop off locations and personal donations we were able to provide Christmas Magic to 100 teens. (December 2019) With 6 public drop off locations, 4 private in house collections and personal donations we were able to provide Christmas Magic to 82 families/137 teens. (August 2020) We changed our name to Gifts For Teens to better reflect our mission.


Tammy's Kitchen -- Larksville

Wilkes Barre Design -- Hanover Township

Curl Up and Dye By Melissa -- West Pittston

Abe's Hot Dogs -- Kingston

Elite Sports and Spine Center -- Wilkes Barre

Experience Fitness

NEPA Crossfit


Kingston Recreation Center

Center City Print -- Kingston

Kingston Adult Daycare

Antonio's Pizza -- Nanticoke

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